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I’m Daniel Sowma, the guy who probably saved your favorite fridge or resurrected your washing machine from the brink of breakdown. I’m an Appliance Repair Technician and also the proud co-owner of an appliance repair company based in Miami.

My team and I believe that our customers deserve more than just excellent repair services. They should also have easy access to answers for the pesky appliance questions that often keep them up at night. With this idea, I stepped up to the challenge and started maintaining our company’s blog. Through it, I share practical advice, handy tips, and my personal experiences from the world of appliance repair.

Professional Biography

Background and Education

Daniel Sowma is a proud graduate of the Robert Morgan Educational Center, where he earned an Associate’s degree in Major Appliance Technology from 2004-2006. His journey in the field began during his high school years at Sunset Senior High School, where he also shared his time at Robert Morgan Educational Center studying Appliance Installation and Repair Technology.

Professional Experience

Daniel’s career as a professional Appliance Repair Technician has seen him employed by some of the top names in the industry. Starting in 2007, Daniel joined the Geek Squad, where he honed his skills for over five years. Following this, he spent a year and a half specializing in major appliance and refrigeration repair for LG Electronics.

From there, Daniel spent a significant seven years at Glyn’s Appliance Service before joining Electrolux as an E

BS technician, a role he maintained for close to three years. Today, he co-owns his own appliance repair company, serving the residents of Miami with his wealth of experience and technical know-how.

Key Skills and Expertise

Daniel’s expertise spans a wide array of appliance brands and models. From Viking to Whirlpool, and GE to Lieber, his understanding of different appliances is comprehensive. He has hands-on experience with everything from refrigeration and cooking appliances to laundry machines.

An EPA certified technician, Daniel’s skills extend to electrical rewiring, defrost systems, and seal systems, to name just a few. He is adept in the use of a broad range of tools and test equipment necessary for the industry.

Projects and Achievements

Daniel’s commitment to customer service led to the creation of the company’s blog, a project that allows him to connect with customers on a deeper level. Through the blog, Daniel shares his insights, providing practical repair tips, and helping customers understand their appliances better.

Contributions and Publications

In addition to his blog, Daniel has made significant contributions to appliance repair manuals and guides. He continues to share his deep understanding of the field, empowering others with his wealth of knowledge. His words don’t just fix appliances; they demystify them, making them less daunting for everyone who reads his work.